For the love of classic soul/funk/disco, 

Moodssupply creates groove music.


Moodssupply is a studio experience extravaganza, using musicians from all over the globe to compose songs. Moving from soul to jazz, funk & disco influences, Moodssupply gets constantly inspired. 

As long as it has groove, we dig it.


Mike Chandon is the artist creating all lyrics and performs all male vocals


Stay tuned for more moods to be dropped 

and thanks for listening!



"Overrated" is a soulful dance track where acoustics and electronics smoothly melt together in an accelerating mix


JULY 2019

"Steppin' Up", a Nu-Disco track with a French Touch vibe and upbeat funky grooves was launched


APRIL 2019

Dropping a new track called "Get Ready"! A soul groove track with a laid back feel



Moodssupply launches a new single called “Stick Together”. A groovy lounge tune for you to N-Joy.


MAY 2017

It started with a new music dream in 2014. The desire to create a professional groovy – soulful - funky demo album & launch it globally, made possible thanks to the digital age we live in. Love ya Distrokid! JustAgroove is the name of the demo album, covering 8 tracks.

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